Perma-Pipe Receives FDEP Approval for Ultra-FS Piping System


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has added Perma-Pipe’s ULTRA-FS piping system to their Approved Equipment List. ULTRA-FS™ is a prefabricated, secondary containment piping system consisting of a fiberglass-clad steel conduit system. It is designed to provide superior strength in fuel-oil piping applications above or below ground.

Meet the PermAlert Leak Detection Product Line

liquidwatch is pleased to announce its appointment as PermAlert’s representative for leak detection products for use in fuel-oil applications. PermAlert offers two stand-alone products for leak detection in fuel-oil distribution lines, fuel tanks and fuel containment sumps. These products are approved by the Florida Department of Environmental protection (FDEP EQ#091). Learn more…

Announcing: Emergency Power Symposium Aug. 20-21, 2015

Fuel Technologies International‘s Emergency Power Design Reliability Symposium will be held August 20-21, 2015 in Palm Springs, CA. This symposium is directed to engineers and facility managers concerned with the operation of emergency/backup power systems and fire pumps. Registration is limited to 30 attendees. Information on schedule and CEU credits can be found here.

PAL-AT provides precise leak detection for below-ground pipe systems

Perma-Pipe PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along a sensor string. The PAL-AT is often provided for secondary contained fuel-oil pipe systems, or any other application where quick and precise leak detection is required. Sensing cables are available to sense the presence of water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquids, or hydrocarbon-sensing only. PAL-AT sensing cables can be air-dried and re-used, are suitable for monitoring for the presence of corrosive chemicals.