How to Fit a New Transfer Switch into an Existing Electrical Room.

Lake Shore Electric ATS RetrofitHave you ever been to a facility where the owner is contemplating the addition of a new permanent generator, and the owner insists that the automatic transfer switch be installed in the already overcrowded electrical room?  Your likely response might be:  Sure, but how do we fit the transfer switch in this room?

By taking key measurements and photos, Lake Shore Electric can manufacture an IC Service Entrance Rated Transfer Switch to replace the existing service disconnect section.  Replacing the existing main disconnect can provide you with a clean installation while requiring no additional space.  Cost-savings are also possible since you will be avoiding the back-and-forth wire runs normally associated with an outdoor-installed transfer switch.

In the typical installation, the emergency generator’s power conductors are brought into the electrical room and connected to the transfer switch.  The existing normal source cables are reused, and connected to the transfer switch.  The load connections then tie directly to the existing distribution switchgear via bus links.  A look at the side view of this sample transfer switch will show you the three phases of bus that would attach to the existing distribution switchgear.

Lake Shore Electric ATS Retrofit - Rear BusThis is just an example of the flexibility that Lake Shore Electric offers to its customers to help tackle challenging installations in the field.  The end result is a superior installation, completed within budget, all while providing a quality, UL-Listed automatic transfer switch.  Learn more about Lake Shore Electric transfer switches, or contact us to see how we can help you with your next emergency generator installation.


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