A Simple Method to Increase the Reliability of Generator Starting Systems

uc-moduleLa Marche and Maxwell Technologies’ Generator Starting Solution (GSS) provide increased reliability for engine starting systems. The primary component of a GSS is the ultracapacitor, a device designed to provide bursts of power for applications requiring high power functions, such as engine starting.

Ultracapacitors, when used in emergency generator applications, are installed alongside conventional batteries. Should there be a failure of the conventional batteries, the ultracapacitors quickly take over to provide DC power to the engine’s starting system.

In a Generator Starting Solution, ultracapacitors are tied to a new or existing battery bank via La Marche’s Automatic Redundant Battery Selector (ARBS). The ARBS is designed with high-powered diodes to select the higher voltage available between two isolated DC power sources (ie: between a battery bank and an ultracapacitor module).

The ultracapacitor is charged via La Marche’s Ultra Series Charger (USC), which is a high-frequency switch mode charger specifically developed for ultracapacitors used in engine-starting applications.

See a typical system diagram for the GSS

Here are some highlights for the ultracapacitor module:

  • increased reliability for mission-critical generators.
  • a 10-year warranty when used with the Ultra Series Charger.
  • no acid, no electrolyte maintenance.
  • wider operating temperature range (when compared to batteries).
  • less than half the weight of comparable batteries.
  • fully-compliant with NFPA-110 requirements.

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