Medium Voltage Load Banks & Step-down Transformers


Simplex’s load bank product line includes equipment designed for use in medium voltage power generation applications. These medium voltage load banks use step-down transformers to provide safe and reliable operation for the owner. While other manufacturers offer load banks that accept direct application of medium voltage, Simplex prefers the use of a transformer. Here’s why…

Simplex Introduces Vector Series Load Bank for Enclosed Generators


Simplex is expanding its product line with the addition of a new load bank for generators installed in weatherproof enclosures. The Vector Series load bank is designed for rooftop mounting on enclosed generator sets that feature vertical exhaust air. The Vector load bank mounts over the air exhaust opening and is cooled by the radiator air … Read more

Lake Shore offers Quick Connection Cabinets for Portable Generators


Lake Shore Electric offers Quick Connection Cabinets for use with portable emergency generators, or for connection of generator test load banks. These generator or load bank “docking stations” are offered in ratings up to 4000 amperes, and feature NEMA Type-3R enclosures (available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel), hinged access panels and male Cam-Lok connectors for … Read more