Sourcing Nickel-Cadmium Batteries for Generators

Whereas lead-acid batteries are often replaced within 2 years, Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries can provide reliable performance for 10+ years. With a longer and more predictable life expectancy, Ni-Cd batteries are a great initial investment for critical emergency power systems. is pleased to offer engine-starting battery systems consisting of La Marche battery chargers and Hoppecke Ni-Cd batteries.

When sourcing Ni-Cd batteries for a given application, please contact us with the following data. This will allow us to properly select a battery system, including Ni-Cd batteries, battery charger, battery rack and related accessories.

At a minimum, Ni-Cd batteries used with emergency generators are sized to meet NFPA-110 requirements (3 x 25 seconds crank cycle, or 1 x 45 seconds continuous crank event). If your requirements are more stringent, please let us know when submitting your request.

Data required from the engine data sheet:

  • Engine displacement, listed in either cubic inches ( or liters.
  • Engine start motor voltage, listed under electrical systems (12Vdc or 24Vdc).
  • Engine lube oil weight (SAE30, etc).

Data pertinent to site conditions / installation:

  • What is the lowest ambient temperature that the batteries will be exposed to (°F or °C)?
  • What is the required number of cranking cycles (per NFPA-110, or more stringent)?
  • What is the required duration of each cranking event, in seconds (per NFPA-110, or more stringent)

Along with your request, please specify your preference for the battery charger that will be included with the battery system. Note that the battery charger must be compatible with Ni-Cd batteries (which require a different charging profile than standard lead-acid batteries). Our proposals can include one of the following compatible options:

  • La Marche ESCR Series battery charger with SCR technology, or
  • La Marche A46 Series battery charger with magnetic-amplified circuit technology

If no specifications exist, our selection will include a 10 ampere battery charger for generators smaller than 500kW, and a 20 ampere battery charger for larger generators. All battery chargers will be provided with alarm packages compliant with NFPA-110 requirements.

We look forward to supporting your requirements for engine-starting systems!

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