Meet the PermAlert Leak Detection Product Line is pleased to announce its appointment as PermAlert’s representative for leak detection products for use in fuel-oil applications.  PermAlert offers two stand-alone products for leak detection in fuel-oil distribution lines, fuel tanks and fuel containment sumps.  These products are approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP EQ#091), and consist of:


PAL-ATThe PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection system that locates potential problems anywhere along a cable sensor string. The PAL-AT system may be selected for use in secondary-containment pipe systems to provide precise leak detection. Ideal installations include large campuses or other facilities that require locating of potential leaks without disturbing landscaped grounds or high-traffic areas. See this article to learn more about the PAL-AT system and its cable sensor technology.



LiquidWatchThe LiquidWatch console is designed to monitor one or more sensor probes for the presence of liquids. These probes can be simple float switches or discriminating sensors that can differentiate between water and diesel fuel. Probes can be installed in fuel tank interstitial spaces and transition/containment sumps associated with secondary-containment pipe systems. The LiquidWatch system can be configured with up to 64 probes and 16-alarm relays, which can be programmed to operate remote alarms or a shut down procedure (Modbus communication also available). The console has a 2-line 20-character display and an easy-to-use key pad for user interface. Want to learn more? Download a brochure, operation manual and technical specifications here.

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For more information, please contact our office and inquire about becoming an authorized reseller for PermAlert fuel-oil leak detection systems.

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