About Our Products…

Hurtado.cc offers design and sales support for the following products. Please follow the links in each section for more details on each product line, or go directly to our Resources page for product literature and specifications verkkosivu. If you have a specific product in mind, you may proceed to Request a Proposal.

District Heating & Cooling
Pre-insulated piping systems for chilled water distributionPre-insulated piping systems for hot water distributionPre-insulated piping systems for steam distribution
Heat Transfer Systems
Engine-mounted radiatorsRemote-mounted radiatorsCharge-air coolers
Oil/fuel coolersPlate + Frame heat exchangersShell & Tube heat exchangers
Engine Exhaust Systems
Silencers and exhaust accessoriesEmission reduction systems
Facility Fuel Systems
Day tanks from 10-2500 gallons.
UL142 or UL2085 listed
Above-ground storage tanks.
300-30,000 gallons, UL142 or UL2085 listed
Under-ground storage tanks. UL58, ACT-100 or ACT-100U
Tank filling systemsFuel Transfer Pump Package
Simplex, duplex or triplex in skid design for indoor installations
Fuel Transfer Pump Package
Simplex, duplex or triplex in full enclosure for outdoor installations
Fuel maintenance systemsFuel oil piping systems with secondary containment and leak detection for underground applicationsFuel oil containment piping systems for above-ground applications
Generator Neutral Grounding Resistors
Neutral grounding resistors up to 69kV
Generator Test Load Banks
Portable designs from 10kW to 2,500kWStationary designs from 70kWTrailer-mounted designs from 150kW to 2,500kW
Radiator-cooled designs from 5kW to 1,000kW
Battery Chargers & DC Power Systems
Engine Starting Battery ChargersSwitchgear Station Battery ChargersTelecom DC Power Systems
UPS SystemsPackaged Battery EnclosuresSuperCapacitors