Silencer Selection Guide

Use this Silencer Selection Guide to select a silencer model based on the configuration and attenuation characteristics required.  If you need help identifying the appropriate model number, please contact us for a detailed sizing report.  Need specific drawings in Adobe or Autocad format? Download them here!

Cylindrical DesignModelAttenuation GradeInsertion Loss
(dbA Reduction, est.)
Cylindrical Silencer Arrangement

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TRResidential - Low Pressure Drop12-15
SURResidential Spark Arrestor18-25
TCCritical - Low Pressure Drop17-22
SUCCritical Spark Arrestor25-32
SUHHospital Spark Arrestor32-38
Disk Design
(for limited ceiling height installations)
ModelAttenuation GradeInsertion Loss
(dbA Reduction, est.)
Disk Silencer Installation

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DSCCritical Spark Arrestor22-36
DSHHospital Spark Arrestor26-43
OCOval Critical Grade28-36
OSCOval Super Critical Grade34-42
OHOval Hospital Grade38-46
OXOval Extreme Grade44-52
Cowl Design (for small engine aplications)ModelAttenuation GradeInsertion Loss
(dbA Reduction, est.)
Cowl TS-PRSee Cowl CatalogResidential22-28
Cowl TS-PLSee Cowl CatalogResidential22-28
Cowl TXS-PRSee Cowl CatalogCritical28-33
Cowl TXS-PLSee Cowl CatalogCritical28-33
Cowl TS-TRSee Cowl CatalogResidential22-28
Cowl TS-TLSee Cowl CatalogResidential22-28
Cowl TXS-TRSee Cowl CatalogCritical28-33
Cowl TXS-TLSee Cowl CatalogCritical28-33
Cowl TS-PVSee Cowl CatalogResidential22-28
Cowl TS-SRSee Cowl CatalogResidential22-28
Cowl TXS-PVSee Cowl CatalogCritical28-33
Cowl TXS-SRSee Cowl CatalogCritical28-33