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Electrical Systems: DC Power Systems / Load Banks / Connection Cabinets
Data Sheets and User ManualsDrawingsGuide SpecificationsOn-Site Power Advisor
Load Bank Selection GuideSmall Portable Load Banks (select appropriate rating and see drawings under "Downloads")Stationary Load BankWhat is a Load Bank?
Battery Charger Data SheetsLarge Portable Load Banks (select appropriate rating and see drawings under "Downloads")Radiator-cooled Load BankLoad Bank Maintenance
Docking Station Selection GuideStationary Load Banks (select appropriate rating and see drawings under "Downloads")Temporary Connection CabinetLearn about Auto Load Regulation
Trailer-mounted Load Banks (select appropriate rating and see drawings under "Downloads")Learn about Load Bank Auto Exercise
Radiator-mounted Load Banks (see drawings under "Downloads" and select appropriate rating)Learn about Load Banks and Digital Metering
Battery Charger Enclosures (see product data sheet to identify Case #)Learn about Load Bank Data Logging
Load Bank Connections - Technical Brief
Key Components... Battery Chargers
Adding Reliability to Emergency Generator Start Systems
NEC Section 700.3(F): Connecting Portable Generators During Emergencies
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Exhaust Silencers / Emissions Control Systems
Facility Fuel Systems: Tanks / Pumps/ Filtration / Piping / Fuel Fill Station
Data Sheets / ManualsDrawingsGuide SpecificationsOn-Site Power Advisor
Fuel Storage Tank Selection GuideBulk Fuel Storage TanksDay TankWhen Is A Fuel Day Tank Needed?
Flameshield AST - UL142Simplex Day TankProtected (UL-2085) Fuel Storage TankTechnical Recommendations for Day Tank Installations
Fireguard AST - UL2085Simplex FuelPort (full size)Auto Fuel Fill Station (AFP-3)Top 12 Ways to Improve Fuel System Design
Permatank USTSimplex Compact FuelPort / ImageCompact Auto Fuel Fill Station (CAFP-2)Preventing Day Tank Overflow
ACT-100 USTSimplex Auto FuelPort / ImageMini SmartPump (MSP-2)Don't Overlook Diesel Fuel Maintenance!
ACT-100U USTSimplex Compact Auto FuelPort / ImageFuel Maintenance <5,000 gal. - FTI-2.8Fuel Recirculation Issues Affecting On-Site Power Generation Designs
Generator Base TankSimplex SmartPumpFuel Maintenance <15,000 gal. - FTI-5How to Select a Fuel Fill Station
Simplex Tank Filling SystemsSimplex Mini SmartPump / ImageFuel Maintenance <30,000 gal. - FTI-10Specifying Fuel Storage Tanks for Emergency Generators
Simplex SST Day Tank (replaced by STS)Simplex Level TransducerFuel Maintenance <60,000 gal. - FTI-20Take This Easy Approach To Specifying Sub-Base Day Tanks
Simplex SRS Day Tank (replaced by STS)Simplex SPS-25-SD / ImagePerma-Pipe Double-PipeHow to Select a Steel Tank for an Underground Installation
Simplex STS Day TankSimplex SPS-55-SD / ImagePerma-Pipe ULTRA-FSSecondary Containment Steel Piping for Fuel-Oil Applications
Simplex SKS/SPS Series Pump SetsSimplex SKS-30-SD / ImageSubscribe for More Tips!
Simplex Fuel Level Controller Operator's Manual / ImageSimplex SKS-50-SD / Image
Simplex TC-8 Tank Alarm Panel / ImagePerma-Pipe Double-Pipe (zip file)
FTI-2.8 Fuel Maintenance SystemPerma-Pipe ULTRA-FS (zip file)
FTI-5 Fuel Maintenance System
FTI-10 Fuel Maintenance System
FTI-20 Fuel Maintenance System
Air-to-Oil Cooler
Perma-Pipe Double-Pipe FRP/Steel Fuel-oil Piping System
Perma-Pipe ULTRA-FS Steel/Steel Fuel-oil Piping System
PermAlert Leak Detection Systems PAL-AT / LiquidWatch / FluidWatch
Perma-Pipe Type-FS FDEP Approval EQ-825
Simplex Day Tank O&M Manual
Simplex Tank Fill System Manuals - FuelPort / Auto FuelPort / Compact AFP / SmartPump
Simplex SKS/SPS Operator's Manual
Simplex - Other Technical Data
Installation Manuals FTI-2.8 / FTI-5 / FTI-10 / FTI-20

Cooling Systems: Radiators / Heat Exchangers / Fuel-Oil Coolers
Data SheetsDrawingsGuide SpecificationsOn-Site Power Advisor
Radiator - Engine-driven, Fan On EngineContact us to request sample drawings or a drawing specific to your application.RadiatorHow to specify a remote cooling package for a generator.
Radiator - Engine-driven, Fan On RadiatorDesigning a remote cooling package for a charge-air cooled engine.
Remote Radiator Vertical, Direct-drivenDefining the various types of engine cooling systems.
Remote Radiator - Vertical, Belt-drivenRadiator Protective Coatings - Solder-coated Core
Remote Radiator - Horizontal, Direct-drivenRadiator Core Designs - Mechanical Bond
Remote Radiator - Horizontal, Belt-driven
Radiator - Turnkey Series for Caterpillar 3500C / Image
Radiator - Turnkey Series for Caterpillar C175 / Image
Radiator - Turnkey Series for Cummins QSK50
Radiator - Turnkey Series for Cummins QSK60
Radiator - Turnkey Series for Cummins QSK78 / Image
TurboCool for CAT and Cummins Charge-Air-Cooled Engines Animated Video
Rhino Drive
Air-to-Air Charge-Air Cooler
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger

District Heating and Cooling / Environmental Piping Systems
Data SheetsDrawingsGuide SpecificationsOn-Site Power Advisor
For Chilled Water/Hot Water (<250F) - FRP Jacket/Steel Service Pipe:
Poly-Therm (contact)Poly-ThermImproving the Efficiency of District Heating & Cooling Systems
For Chilled Water/Hot Water (<250F) - HDPE Jacket/Steel Service Pipe:
Xtru-ThermXtru-Therm PlusOverlooking this Item Can Destroy the Life of Your Underground Hydronic Piping System
For Steam/Hot Water (>250F) - Steel Conduit/Steel Service Pipe:
Multi-Therm (contact)Multi-Therm 750
For Chemicals/Process/Fuel - FRP or Steel Conduit/Steel Service Pipe:
Leak Detection -
PAL-AT Cable System
PAL-ATPAL-AT (contact)
District Heating & Cooling: Other ProductsLiquidWatchLiquidWatch (contact)
Environmental & Industrial: Other ProductsPermAlert Leak Detection