Miratech’s prescription for NESHAP compliance: The RX Series


Miratech’s RX Catalyst-Silencer Combo units are designed for natural gas, propane and diesel stationary engine applications. These housings bring together a cost-effective, high-performance catalytic converter and a noise abatement system. Why use the RX Series? eliminates the need for separate catalyst and silencer housings. The RX combo provides emissions reduction and noise reduction, in a … Read more

Miratech simplifies RICE NESHAP compliance.

By offering a complete emission reduction system, tailored to your specific installation, Miratech (formerly Phillips and Temro) simplifies the road to RICE NESHAP compliance.  Whether your site requires a complete silencer replacement, or only the retrofit of a catalyst housing to reduce carbon monoxide levels, Miratech is flexible enough to accommodate your needs.  From the major … Read more