Want a Simple Way to Specify a Transfer Switch? Done!

Lake Shore Electric ATSLooking for a simple way to specify power transfer switches for your projects involving emergency generators? This might help!

You can now specify any number of transfer switches in just a few steps:

  1. Download our Transfer Switch Specifications block (provided in Autocad).
  2. Open the file and populate the “Schedule of Transfer Switches” with the pertinent information.
  3. Select the required transfer switch features by tagging each equipment with the ID# for any applicable “Notes”.
  4. Insert the Autocad block into your electrical plans.
  5. Download Outline Drawings for the transfer switches (look for “Drawings” under the “Automatic Transfer Switches” header), and include them in your electrical plans.

You are done! Pretty easy, right?

Do you need additional support with your specifications or plans? Give us a call – we’re ready to help!

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