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simplex-tridentSimplex has released several updates to its large load bank product line. If you operate a facility with permanent load banks, or a service department regularly involved in testing large generators, please take a moment to review these product announcements.

Simplex offers load banks in small and large portable designs as well as small and large stationary designs. Simplex also manufactures specialty load banks, such as duct-mounted (radiator) and water-cooled systems. The load banks reviewed here are only a sample of the broad range of load banks offered by Simplex.

Let’s begin with news on the trailer-mounted Trident Series.

Trident-1250: Trailer-mounted Load Bank

The Trident 1250 trailer load bank is a very popular design, and serves as the workhorse for many generator service departments. This new Product Brochure illustrates the standard and optional configurations available to suit specific customer requirements. Some of the highlights are:

  • Purpose-built heavy-duty trailer with DOT certification.
  • cable-reelsLow-profile construction for access to difficult locations, such as parking garages.
  • Provided with simplex cable storage compartments, or with cable reels, motorized or manually-operated.
  • Remote and/or local control, with Modbus RS485 network communication.
  • Data acquisition and reporting software, to save you time out in the field.
  • Versatile design offers the capability to network units to form a larger load bank system.
  • NRTL Listed, CSA for both US and Canada.
  • Custom colors, undercoatings, LINE-X overall coating, or furnished with hot dipped galvanized components.
Solar-5: Resistive/Inductive in ISO Cube

simplex-solar-5The Solar-5 is a high-capacity resistive/inductive portable load bank, capable of loads up to 5.0MVA (4.0MW, 3.0MVAR). This is Simplex’ solution for the “ISO container” load bank requirement. It is also a purpose-built enclosure, with the important design features of an ISO 20′ high-cube container, including overall dimensions, corner mounting pins and formed and tubular steel construction. Being purpose-built means that Simplex has designed the load bank to have four-sided access and generous internal space. These two attributes, access and space, are the defects of competing products relying on re-worked ISO containers. Unlike refurbished containers, which house the reactors underneath the floor, the Simplex Solar-5 provides easy-access to the reactors through large side doors. Other standard features include:

  • Both copper bus bar and Cam-lock connections are included.
  • Digital controller with PC-compatibility, and network-capable for paralleling of multiple load banks.
  • Hot-air exhaust is vented vertically, through roof-mounted electrically-operated louvers.
  • Fresh-air intakes are on the sides, and covered by manual hatches.
  • Full suite of protective sensors for fan failure, high exhaust temperature, fan-motor overload, etc.

See the complete list of features and specifications in the Simplex Solar-5 Product Brochure.

Saturn-XQ: When Quiet Testing is Key

Looking for a large load bank for a stationary installation? The Simplex Saturn Series provides ratings from 1500kW to 3200kW, and they are now available in an “XQ”, sound-attenuated design. The Saturn XQ load bank incorporates many of the advanced features of the original design, but now features a sound-attenuated air intake base assembly and heavy-gauge enclosure panels, with interior 2″ foam insulation on the doors and fan enclosure. The Saturn XQ is available in low voltage (<690Vac) and medium voltage (15kV) with integral transformer enclosure.

See the technical details and sound data for the Simplex Saturn-XQ Load Bank.

Vulcan-5: Built for Testing Large On-Site Power Systems

And we mean LARGE! Check out the Vulcan-5. This modular design provides load bank ratings up to 100MW! All in a design that is both rugged and versatile. If you are in the business of testing very large power generation systems, this is the load bank for you.simplex-vulcan-5

Take a look at the Simplex Vulcan-5 Brochure for technical details and an overview of a 20MW, 15kV Vulcan-5 load bank system.

So, what do you think? Want to talk about a specific load bank requirement? Give us a call!

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