How to Specify: Simplex Mini SmartPump

A Simplex Mini SmartPump (Model MSP) allows remote filling of one or more diesel fuel tanks. The Mini SmartPump fuel fill station includes a built-in fuel transfer pump, and is FDEP-approved (EQ#706) for leak detection, spill containment and overfill prevention. It is designed to deliver fuel to tanks located above-grade and beyond the pumping capabilities of the fuel delivery vehicle. The Mini SmartPump may be wall or rack mounted, and is available in standard carbon steel or stainless steel construction.

Here are our recommended steps for specifying a Simplex MSP fill station:

  1. Include this drawing in your mechanical plans.
  2. Insert these specifications into your plans, or into your specifications book (typically under the “Facility Fuel Systems” section).
  3. Edit the specifications to include any requirements specific to your project (number of tanks, stainless steel construction, optional features such as remote fuel level indication, Modbus communication, etc).

Looking to learn more about remote fuel fill stations? Here is a helpful article on how to select a fuel fill station for your project.

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