Product Spotlight: La Marche A77 Series Battery Charger

la-marche-a77-chargerThe La Marche A77 Series Battery Charger is ideally-suited for the requirements of electrical switchgear manufacturers. With an impressive list of features and reliability-enhancing functions, the A77 Series Battery Charger is sure to check all of the boxes in your specifications’ wish list.

Powered by microprocessor-controlled SCR technology, the A77 Series Battery Charger/Battery Eliminator has ±0.25% DC voltage regulation from no-load to full-load over the specified input voltage, frequency and ambient temperature ranges. These chargers are available in DC output voltages of 24, 48, 130, and 260 VDC with DC output currents starting at 6 amps. The La Marche A77 Series Battery Charger is equipped with standard features such as AC/DC breakers, an easy to read LCD display with text readout, alarm LED’s and alarm output contacts. Communication options are available to remotely monitor and control the charger and, to round up the features, the A77 Series Battery Charger is compliant with NEMA PE5 and UL 1012 safety standards.

Standard features include:

  • Microprocessor-controlled SCR technology.
  • Filtered output (standard) and “battery eliminator” option.
  • AC & DC surge protection (MOV).
  • AC input & DC output circuit breakers.
  • Temperature compensation – Adjustable.
  • SCR failure detection
  • Battery continuity test
  • Load sharing
  • Over-temperature protection
  • LCD display w/ DC voltage and current readings, plus alarm indications and unit temperature.
  • Advanced data logging (recorded in removable Micro-SD card)
  • Full suite of LED indicators for normal and alarm parameters.
  • Remote annunciation Form “C” contacts for AC Failure and Summary Alarm.
  • Meets UL 1012, CUL, IBC and ABS.
  • NEMA Type 1 enclosure, pretreated with a 7-stage iron phosphate wash, sealer and deionized rinse, then coated with an environmentally-safe and durable ANSI 61 gray powder-coat finish.
  • 5 Year Warranty (plus an extra year when registered after purchase).

Optional features, available for customization of the product, include:

  • Adjustable ground detection sensitivity.
  • Special 30mV filtering.
  • Reverse polarity protection and LED.
  • Lightning arrestor.
  • Blocking diode.
  • External temperature probe (24ft or 100ft options) to monitor and adjust for varying ambient temperatures.
  • Discrete alarm relays for Low DC Volts, Low DC Amps, Battery End of Discharge, High Voltage Shutdown, Positive Ground, Negative Ground, High DC Volts, and Charger Failure.
  • 12-Pulse rectification.
  • Hydrogen detection HUB, alarm interface and sensor.
  • Communication protocols including IEC 61850, DNP 3.0, Modbus RS232/RS485/Ethernet and SNMP & Web Browser (Ethernet).

The A77 Series Battery Charger follows the high-quality manufacturing standards carried since 1945 by the La Marche Mfg. Co., an ISO-9001 certified company, proudly designing and building DC power systems in Des Plaines, Illinois, USA.

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