Meet the PermAlert Leak Detection Product Line

Liquid Watch II is pleased to announce its appointment as PermAlert’s representative for leak detection products for use in fuel-oil applications. PermAlert offers two stand-alone products for leak detection in fuel-oil distribution lines, fuel tanks and fuel containment sumps. These products are approved by the Florida Department of Environmental protection (FDEP EQ#091). Learn more…

PAL-AT provides precise leak detection for below-ground pipe systems

Perma-Pipe PAL-AT is a state of the art leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along a sensor string. The PAL-AT is often provided for secondary contained fuel-oil pipe systems, or any other application where quick and precise leak detection is required. Sensing cables are available to sense the presence of water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquids, or hydrocarbon-sensing only. PAL-AT sensing cables can be air-dried and re-used, are suitable for monitoring for the presence of corrosive chemicals.