How do I calculate pressure loss for diesel fuel piping?

Here’s a Pipe Friction Loss Calculator to help you calculate pressure drop in fuel -oil piping. Pipe Friction Loss Calculator Tips: Viscosity (cP) of #2 diesel fuel: ~3.5 Specific gravity of #2 diesel fuel: 0.85 Be sure to account for vertical head in your piping run: 1psi = 2.70 feet of #2 diesel fuel with … Read more

I want to select a fuel pump for a specific application, can you help?

You can rely on Simplex to select the pump and motor combination to meet the required flow rate for your project. To do so, Simplex will need the flow rate (GPM or GPH), the specified total dynamic head (TDH) for the fuel piping, and the preferred system voltage. But if you would like to do some of your own … Read more