I want to select a fuel pump for a specific application, can you help?

You can rely on Simplex to select the pump and motor combination to meet the required flow rate for your project. To do so, Simplex will need the flow rate (GPM or GPH), the specified total dynamic head (TDH) for the fuel piping, and the preferred system voltage. But if you would like to do some of your own calculations, this Pump Selector is very useful. When providing the input variables, try using the following:

Construction: Cast Iron
Sealing Options: Packed/Lip Seal
Viscosity: 50SSU
Differential Pressure: as needed
Temperature: 80F
Specific Gravity: 0.85
Flow Rate: as needed
Max RPM: 1750

When you are presented with pump selections, look for “SG Series” pumps. Also good to know: the 1800 rpm pumps (with 1800rpm motors) are less expensive. The slower-speed 1200rpm pumps are quieter but require more expensive motors.

Once you have arrived at your selection, don’t forget to read this On-Site Power Advisor Article to cover some of the key aspects of good technical specifications for a fuel transfer pump set.